Friday, September 1, 2023

Make That First Contact Memorable!

As your Fall ministries begin it is so very important what you do to make the first contact with a visitor to your church and Children's Ministry a positive one, because first impressions are so important! Did you know the first ten seconds . . . yes, seconds . . . you meet and greet someone can, and usually does, impact the relationship you end up having with the person! I learned this, and five top tips for making a great impression from Maralee McKee's blog - Manners Mentor! I especially love tip three . . . 

  • "Smile! This one might seem like it’s too elementary to even bother to list. However, it’s an impacting gracious invitation and most of us don’t smile as much as we think we do. Put a big grin on your face, larger than you think you should. Then, you’re probably smiling just about the right amount. Why is a smile so important? It’s another verbal signal which speaks for you from across the room before you’ve had the chance to dazzle the person with your wit and charm. A smile says for you, 'Come on over! I’m glad to be with you!'”
In our Children's Ministry we want visitors to know we are glad to be with them! So, when you have a moment, check Maralee's full post and think about what you can do to make your first contact with visitors one they will remember and one which will not be their last contact with your ministry! Thank you Maralee for the great manners info! :^)

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