Friday, November 3, 2023

Give the Gift of Science Projects, Art Projects, Cooking Activities, and Games with Eyelash Vipers, Pygmy Elephants, Pangolins, & More!


Yesterday I wrote about giving a fantastic gift this Christmas to the children you love which will combine science projects, craft projects, cooking activities, and games with learning about amazing animals, quotes from scientists, and handing down confident faith by giving a Life on the Goldilocks Planet book along with the supplies for all the fun - a terrific gift for the entire family! I wrote about the book - Blue Dragons, Red Pandas, Hoopoes & More!

Today I want to let you know about another book in the series - Eyelash Vipers, Pygmy Elephants, Pangolins, & More! - in this book you will find the following animals - Eyelash Viper, Cassowary, Sunflower Sea Star, Pygmy Elephant, Large Blue Butterfly, Mantled Guereza Colobus Monkey, Golden Poison Dart Frog, Sun Bear, Hawksbill Sea Turtle, Pangolin, Tufted Puffin, and Archerfish - which of these have you never heard of before?

So, what projects will the children you love be able to enjoy with Eyelash Vipers, Pygmy Elephants, Pangolins, & More!, well, check out this list . . . 

  • Elephant toothpaste
  • Make a tie snake
  • Try some unique fruit
  • Suction cup surprise!
  • Make elephant ears
  • Feed the Larvae race
  • Lemon reaction
  • Soft & sticky tongue
  • Make some discoveries
  • Biofluorescent fun
  • Pinecone creatures
  • Two gathering games
  • Target fun!
Did you know - 
  • Eyelash Vipers have a prehensile tale which allows them to hold on to branches, lower themselves to strike at prey from above, wiggle their tail to lure creatures, attack, and eat them.
  • You and I would barely be able to hear the sounds Cassowaries make, as they are the lowest known call of any bird, but you are able to feel their call - it vibrates!
  • Pygmy Elephants in Africa and Borneo are smaller than African, Indian, and Asian elephants  they range in height between six and eight feet tall, compared to 13 feet tall for the other elephants.
  • Golden Poison Dart Frogs are one of the most toxic animals on Earth  one frog has enough poison to kill ten men.
  • One surprise about Hawksbill Sea Turtles is they have two claws on each of their flipper/legs! They are the only sea turtle with claws!
  • All Pangolins are covered in scales. They are the only mammal with scales made from keratin, like your fingernails, and are covered from their nose to their tail.
  • Tufted Puffins have a special beak which was designed to hold 10 to 20 fish. Their tongue locks in place to hold fish as they catch them, with special teeth in their beak to keep the fish from falling out.
In Eyelash Vipers, Pygmy Elephants, Pangolins, & Morethe children you love will be able to learn so many fun, surprising, and interesting things about animals, participate in activities they will never forget, and you will have the opportunity to engage them in important conversations about how these incredible animals help them know God is real! What could be a better gift! When you combine Eyelash Vipers, Pygmy Elephants, Pangolins, & More and a box of supplies for all the fun, you will find you have a fantastic Christmas gift for the children you love this year. If you live close, you might arrange to get together for the activities and if you live far, connect on-line to engage with them as they enjoy the science projects, art projects, cooking activities, and games - be sure to keep a camera handy or ask their parents to please take photos for you. And be ready for important conversations which will help you hand down confident faith - what could possibly be a better gift?

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