Thursday, November 30, 2023

Share the Joy of Children's Ministry - a Simple and Pure View of God!

Recruiting can be a never-ending job at times, but one way we might find more people to serve in our Children's Ministries is by sharing the joy which comes from serving in  Children's Ministries! Today and tomorrow, I'll share some of joy I experienced by serving in the Children's Ministry; today it is the joy of being able to see all over again a simple and pure view of God!

What do I mean by this? When we serve in Children's Ministry - especially in the younger ages - we are able to see God through a child's eye, and they typically have a very simple and pure view of God! For example, one time when my then three year old grandson visited my church, on the way home he was talking about how God created all the colors . . . especially his favorite colors! We all know God created everything, but do we stop and marvel and praise Him  for the simple things He created; like all the colors?!!!

At my church each class begins with a time for teachers to connect with the children by asking how their week went, how they lived the previous week's Bible Adventure, sharing how the teacher lived the Adventure, and asking for prayer requests. These prayer requests are shared with the Children's Ministry - I love seeing how children ask for prayer for family, friends, and pets!

The wonder, amazement and trust children show when they learn about how God parted the Red Sea, closed the mouths of the lions, and how Jesus calmed the stormy sea challenges me to keep my wonder, amazement, and trust as well and fills my heart with joy!

Share this with potential volunteers! Provide your volunteers with opportunities to share this joy with others . . . Children's Ministry is full of examples of this! Potential volunteers may think the Children's Ministry is a lot of work, means having to deal with unruly children, and keeps them from things they might rather do, but the truth is Children's Ministry is filled with joy . . . and one of the ways we see this joy is the opportunity to see God through the eyes of a child; a simple and pure view of God which helps us experience all over again this wonder, amazement and trust in God!

Share the joy!

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