Wednesday, August 16, 2023

"Anchored Helps Kids Uncover 'Why' We Believe, Not Just 'What' We Believe"


I have been sharing with you about the new supplemental curriculum - Anchored. Today I want to share with you what Joani Schultz (from Group Publishing) says about it . . . 

Anchored takes a boatload of faith questions deep for kids. This curriculum lets children we love (By the way, I love this leadership reference to kids!) wonder, explore, and discover key faith foundations. By exploring unique animals, engaging in science experiments, and delving into fun family activities, Anchored helps uncover 'why' we believe—not just 'what' we believe. The curriculum welcomes discovery so kids can own and solidify their Christian faith."

Anchored will equip you and the parents and grandparents in your church so you are able to teach the "whys" - and in doing so, hand down confident faith to the children you love! It will only cost $26.00 for an entire year of resources you will be able to use in your church AND parents and grandparents will be able to use at home! Check Anchored out at this link and find sample lessons at this link.

Plan to add it to what you are doing to teach the "whats", so as Josh McDowell says - "Belief is knowing what you believe. Conviction is knowing why you believe it." - the children in your ministry will have a confident conviction!

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