Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Treasure Your Volunteers . . . Plan A Special Event!

There are so many ways to show your volunteers you appreciate and treasure them, but one of my favorite things to do for volunteers has always been my Holiday Open House at my home! Today I'll share a few things to think about if you are planning one for your volunteers -

  • Know "why" you are planning an open house for your volunteers . . . for me it was always because it gave me a special time each year to focus on not only telling my volunteers "thank-you", but to also show my appreciation in a way they would not forget!
  • Don't leave everything until the last moment . . . I always got a team of crafty non-volunteers together in the Summer to make the ornaments for each volunteer . . . I involved non-volunteers so my volunteers would be surprised by the ornaments when they received them at the open house. Plus, if you are going to approach area  restaurants and businesses about donating gift certificates for your volunteers, you need to work on doing so in August and September so you have what you need by the time of your open house . . . this usually takes some time - I've found the best way to do this is to stop by the business/restaurant at a time when they aren't busy and ask to talk to the manager in person.
  • Plan a menu which allows your volunteers to mingle and visit with the other volunteers at your event. I served fresh rolls, deli meats and cheeses, veggies, dips, crackers, cheese, cheesy ranch potatoes, and lots of Christmas cookies - again, you could ask non-volunteers from your church to donate a dozen of their best Christmas cookies as this involves the people of your church in saying "thank you" and gives you a wonderful variety of cookies for your volunteers to enjoy!
Whatever you decide to do, make it special! I always decorated inside and out - I lined my walkway with luminaries for an extra special touch! Make it fun! Make your event something your volunteers will talk about all year and look forward to attending! Make it something which shows them you truly treasure them! (You will find out more about planning an event like this and more in my book No Cookie Cutter Children's Ministry which you are able to get at this link.)

What do you do to show your volunteers in a special way they are genuinely treasured?

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