Thursday, August 10, 2023

Notice the Children Who Are Only There IF They Want to Be There

I recently wrote about how to know if you are actually really effective in your ministry to children - by keeping track of the children who are part of your ministry - only IF they choose to be there. Today I want to share why it matters so much for us to have a ministry which pays attention to the children who are only part of your ministry IF they choose to be there.

It is easy - far, far, too easy for us to not notice these children and forget about them when they are not at our church, but it is absolutely essential for us to be focused on what is happening with these children. Yes, it matters for us to care about the "church kids", too, but if we do not notice the children who are only there IF they choose to be there, and do not follow up with them when they are not there, these children are almost guaranteed to leave their faith. They will think church is not very important. They will think they are not very important to the people at church - and it is not a big stretch to go from this place to believing they are not very important to God.

Take time right now to check your attendance rolls. Find out which children are only there once in awhile IF they choose to come. Follow up with them. Continue to follow up with them. AND make the changes you need to make to your ministry to make it a place all the children choose to be - especially IF they do not have to make this choice.

These children matter. They are worth the work and the changes.

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