Thursday, August 31, 2023

Support the Volunteers You Have!

 It can be so easy to be so caught up in trying to be sure you have your "bases covered" by having enough volunteers, you end up thinking you do not even have time to focus on supporting the volunteers you have. But, if you do not provide the support volunteers need, you will probably find you are always recruiting because you will not be able to keep the volunteers you have. Consider the following -

  • When you get a new volunteer, be sure they are trained before they begin to serve. If you put volunteers in classrooms before they are trained, they are likely to feel overwhelmed and frustrated and it will be easier for them to quit. If possible, and do all you are able to do to make this possible, provide each new volunteer time to work alongside experienced volunteers before they are in a class.
  • Be sure they are familiar with the curriculum and have had an opportunity to have you answer any questions they may have.
  • Be sure you have a prayer-partner for each volunteer - introduce them and encourage them to keep in touch.
  • Absolutely be sure you have developed serving teams so no volunteer serves alone before a volunteer is serving in a classroom. Encourage these teams to build strong relationships with each other.
  • Let them know where they will find supplies or what your policy is for buying/reimbursing volunteers for classroom supplies they need.
  • Let them know how to best connect with you if they have questions.
These are just a few of the ways you can provide support for your volunteers. If you are going to keep the volunteers you have, you have to be sure to provide support. What is on the top of your list for supporting the volunteers you have? You will find more information and ideas for supporting your volunteers in my book No Cookie Cutter Children's Ministry which you are able to get at this link.

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