Thursday, August 17, 2023

Do NOT Gossip

I have written about this before, but sadly it is something which needs to be said often. Do NOT gossip about the people in your church and especially about those who serve in your Children's Ministry. It is NOT part of your "job description" to do "research" on those in your church. You, as a leader, do not "get a pass" on gossip. Do NOT gossip. Ever.

Far, far too often those in leadership in churches give themselves a "pass" on gossip. But, when you do this you are causing hurt and damage which those about whom you gossip will never get past. They will not ever trust you if you gossip about them and if you do not keep a confidence. They may decide if they are not able to trust their leaders at church, who are they able to trust and then struggle with trusting people for years.

Yes, you cause very real damage when you gossip about the people who serve in your Children's Ministry. Do NOT gossip. Do NOT allow those in your ministry to gossip. Be known as people who do NOT gossip.

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