Wednesday, December 20, 2023

14 Ways to "Blow" Your Children's Ministry - Be "Stingy"

It is so, so very easy to say one thing and do another. We tell children to share, be kind, if they do not have something nice to say then don't say anything, and on and on we tell them what to do. But, as adults we do not necessarily share, we are not always the nicest  people, we do not do the things we say we will do, we disappoint others without even a thought about how it will make them feel, and gossip among church adults runs at epic proportions. Basically it all boils down to being "stingy" . . . stingy not just with our money, but with our time, our kind words, and our love. When we are "stingy" we absolutely will "blow" our Children's Ministry. Consider the following . . .

  • Do we put "limits" on our time . . . claim, "boundaries" and end up being "stingy"? If you look in the Bible you see Jesus talking to people at all hours, stopping to heal those who needed Him, and refusing to send children away. Do we follow His example, or do we claim "boundaries" and push people away? Yes, there are times when we need to prioritize for our families, but are we really like Jesus in the way we give our time to others; or are we "stingy"?
  • Do we "share" private information with others? Do we join in the conversation "sharing" "prayer requests" about people who are not there? Do you think "research" is part of your job description and then engage in "research" - gossip - to "learn" about people? Are you a gossip? If so, then we are being "stingy" with our love, because there is nothing about gossip which relates to love.
  • Do we do what we say we will do, or do we change our minds - without ever even sitting down and having a conversation with those who are depending upon and expecting you to do what you said you will do? Do we even really care about how our failure to follow through will harm others? When we do not do what we say we will do, we are being "stingy" with our love.
  • And yes, when it comes to money are we "stingy" with it? Do we only spend it on the things we want or are we at least willing to listen to the ideas others have to see if their idea might be what God really wants us to do?
These are just a few examples of times when we might be "stingy" in our Children's Ministry and you can absolutely count on "blowing" your Children's Ministry if you are "stingy".

So, how do you have a "do-over" if you have been "stingy"? It is pretty simple. Again, go to people who you have wronged and ask for forgiveness. Work on being generous . . . after all, Jesus was the most generous person who ever lived and shouldn't we be following His example and trust Him to take care of us?

The benefit to not being "stingy" . . . there are many, but the biggest is people will be able to see Jesus in us, and isn't this what we want people to see?

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