Wednesday, December 27, 2023

The Most Important Thing

Yes, one of these three animals actually smells like popcorn! Share the photo with your family and see if they are able to answer the question.  

While there are many important things for us to do as grandmas (grandpas/parents, too), the most important thing is for us to hand down confident faith. Yes, we absolutely must teach the ones we love the "whats" - what the Bible says and therefore what we believe, but if we want them to have a confident faith, we must also teach them the "whys" - why they are able to believe God is real, the Bible is true, God and science go together, and God is good. 

If we only teach the "whats" (as essential as it is to teach the "whats"), we run the very real risk the day will come when the ones we love face a difficult time, have others ask why they believe what they believe, and find they do not have any answers. Barna's studies show Gen Z is turning away from their faith (the "whats") to atheism at double the rate of previous generations. If we do not teach the "whys" this number will only continue to increase.

So, how do we teach the "whys"? We need to ask our churches to do this for sure, but we as grandmas (grandpas/parents, too) must also do this at home and one excellent resource to help us do exactly this is the Life on the Goldilocks Planet series of books. Invest in these books - use them with the ones you love. As you learn together about the amazing creatures God created, you will find you are handing down confident faith - and this is one of the most important things you will ever do.

By the way, the answer to the question about which animal smells like popcorn, is the Binturong.

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