Friday, December 8, 2023

Remember This One Essential Truth - Love Matters!

Yesterday I said, "Over the years (53 of them to be exact), I've had the opportunity to observe Children's Ministry in large churches (of up to 6000) and in small churches (of less than 100) and in medium-sized churches (everything in-between!). This leaves me with a few observations which I think apply no matter what size church you serve in.  So, today I want to consider something which we all need to keep in mind . . . no matter what size church you serve in! While it may seem like a no-brainer; God cares the most! I think it can be all to easy too get so caught up in what we are doing, what we need, what we do not have, etc. that we end up forgetting this one, simple and essential truth . . . God cares the most!"

Today I want to share another observation; love matters. I know. Another, "no-brainer", but stop and think about this for a moment. We all know in our heads, love matters, but do we really act and live like we not only know this, but really believe it? Consider the following . . . 
  • If we make decisions without giving consideration to how our decisions will impact others, we are not living as if love really matters to us.
  • If we gossip, we are not living as if love really matters to us. And, just so you know, gossip is not "research" and it is NOT part of your job description. I once had a pastor tell me his gossip wasn't gossip because it was "research" and was part of his job description. It was not. Do NOT dismiss or excuse your gossip by calling it something else.
  • If we do not take the time to regularly and from our hearts thank those who serve, we are not living as if love really matters to us.
These are just a few ways our actions may not match with our words; and if our actions do not match our words, then our words are empty gongs (I Corinthians 13). It is fine - and necessary - for us to tell others we love them, but if our actions do not show real love, then the truth is, we do not really love.

God said He loves us, and then He showed His love by sending Jesus. So, we need to focus on being sure our actions match our words, because . . . love matters!

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