Thursday, December 21, 2023

14 Ways to "Blow" Your Children's Ministry - Argue . . . or Have a Lack of Unity

Arguing. It is easy to do . . . sometimes we often argue without even realizing it. How often do you argue in your Children's Ministry? Arguing with anyone in your  Children's Ministry is a way you can be sure of "blowing" your Children's Ministry. Think about the following . . . 

  • Do you argue with other leaders? 
  • Do you argue with volunteers? 
  • Do you argue with parents? 
  • Do you argue in front of children? 
If you do any of these things you are most definitely "blowing" your Children's Ministry  because besides from being impolite and a bad example, arguing shows a lack of unity and respect. 

So . . . what can you do for a "do-over" if you have been arguing with anyone? First of all have a talk with God about it. Why are you arguing? What does He want you to do? Apologize to anyone who you have shown a lack of respect for and then sit down and listen - really listen to the opinions and ideas others have. You may find by listening a new, or better, way of ministry will happen. You may not make any changes, but you will have at least shown you are willing to listen and consider other ideas.

And the bonus? Clearly your ministry will be more unified, there will be a better atmosphere and the example you show everyone is one where unity is valued and arguing does not take place.

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