Tuesday, December 12, 2023

The Relief for Grief - Available on Amazon


The past few years have brought blessings into our lives for sure, but with covid, many have experienced loss as well, whether it was the loss of someone they love, the loss of being able to spend time with the ones we love, the loss of a job, the loss of fellowship with others, the loss of our confidence, to mention just a few. Some of us have also experienced loss which was not related to covid as loss is a normal part of our lives.

When we experience loss, we experience grief. It is important for us to work through grief, and while there are tools available to help us do this, today I am happy to let you know about a book which is available to help you do exactly this.

There is a relief for grief which is found in God’s unchanging Word. This relief found in the pages of God’s Word is applicable for any kind of grief and is the one thing we may truly count on to help us make it through our grief. The Relief for Grief is designed to be your own personal journal as you journey through your grief. You will find thirty days of Bible studies to help you think through your feelings and to learn what God’s Word says about issues related to grief. Some of the issues include -

* Why does grief enter my life?

* Is it possible to praise God while experiencing grief?

* Is it possible to have an attitude of joy while experiencing grief?

* How do I cast my burdens and allow God to carry them for me?

* Will there be any good to come from the grief I have experienced?

* What do I do if I have "lost heart"?

* Does God love me, and can I share with Him how I really feel?

* Is it okay to grieve?

* Is God sufficient to meet my deepest needs?

* Will I ever be free from my grief?

You will find this little book at the following link - consider getting it for yourself and/or for someone you know who is working through their own loss and grief.

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