Wednesday, December 27, 2023

14 Ways to "Blow" Your Children's Ministry - Stop Having Fun

I completely believe if our Children's Ministries are going to accurately reflect Jesus, they have to be places which are fun . . . fun places to be, fun things to do, and filled with "fun" people. 

I believe this because I absolutely believe Jesus was a "fun" person. He certainly wasn't boring, stuffy, or cranky. How do I know this? Because children wanted to be with Him and children do not tend to want to be around boring, stuffy, or cranky adults. 

Boring, stuffy, and cranky adults tried to send children away from Jesus, but He would have none of that! Jesus stopped what He was doing with adults to make time for children! They are precious to Him! If we are accurately reflecting Jesus to children, then our ministries need to attract children and should be fun! If our ministries are not "fun", then we are "blowing" our Children's Ministry. Consider the following ways we are able to reflect "fun" in our ministries . . . 

  • As already stated, Jesus was the most non-boring, non-stuffy, and non-cranky person who ever lived, so when we think about our Children's Ministry, we need to be committed to making it an interesting, engaging place which is staffed by non-cranky adults. It needs to be a "fun" place.
  • Being "fun" does not mean it is shallow, watered-down, or nothing but fluff. It can - and must - be a place where God's Word is taught, understood, remembered, and changes lives; but it is able to be these things and still be fun!
  • Make sure children learn by doing . . . bring in activity whenever and wherever you can! Use dramas, science projects, learning centers, active hands-on learning . . . make it engaging! Make it fun!
  • Make your Children's Ministry a place where kids want to be - decorate in ways which appeal to children and most importantly, make sure your volunteers smile!
These are just a few ways to reflect "fun" in your ministry to children. What can you do if your ministry has not been a particularly "fun" place to be? 
  1. Start by making serving fun for your volunteers. If they think it is a duty or drudgery to serve, this will be reflected to the children. 
  2. Support, encourage, and thank your volunteers regularly and with enthusiasm. (Get the book - No Cookie-Cutter Children's Ministry to help you with this.)
  3. Evaluate your curriculum to be sure it engages the children actively and with creativity. 
  4. Plan special events which are fun opportunities to help children remember, understand and live God's Word. 
  5. Banish boredom, stuffiness, and crankiness! Focus on reflecting Jesus!
And the Bonus? Your Children's Ministry will be a place where volunteers want to serve and children want to be. More importantly, children will learn how they are able to know and walk with Jesus and there is nothing more fun than this!!!

What do you do to make your Children's Ministry fun?

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